About Us

Formed in January 2016 we are part of online media group the-news.co and we aim to specialise in top quality coverage of recreational sailing and water sports.

Based in Sussex we cover not only the UK’s south coast but also further afield. Destinations already reached include Normandy, a selection of top Mediterranean destinations and Grenada in the Caribbean.

We also publish reviews including new yachts and what crew should take on a sailing holiday.

Our news section includes stories from the cutting edge of events including sailing disasters and the lessons learnt.

Our editor William Mills has been sailing all his life.


image of William Mills
William Mills

William started sailing dinghies in Chichester Harbour as a child in the 1960’s before moving on Arun Yacht Club at Littlehampton where his family kept their 12ft Scorpion dinghy. At Lancing College he won his house colours as part of the winning team in the school sailing event.

Later he owned a 16 ft Fireball dinghy before starting to yacht race in 1985. His first cross channel trip was on 45ft one tonner ‘Conspiracy’ which won the Cowes-Deauville race of that year.

In 1988 he moved to Brighton and was fortunate to crew on Barry Dixon’s UFO 31 ‘Info’. Over the next three seasons he received a firm grounding in the principles of yacht racing and seamanship from Barry and others at Brighton Marina Yacht Club.

In 1991 he purchased Info and kept her at Brighton and Shoreham until he sold her in 2004. In 2005 he bought Firefox, a RF29 which was based on a Laser 28 design.

Victory followed victory. She was a swift boat. Sold in January 2010 William concentrated on writing, first published in Yachting Monthly in 2013 and Yachting World in 2016.