Southampton Boat Show 2015-Pirates Ahoy!

image of Earl Of Pembroke sailing ship
Earl Of Pembroke sailing ship

By William Mills

The Earl of Pembroke is visiting the Southampton Boat Show from 11-20 September!

The Earl of Pembroke is a 145 foot long three masted barque with a famous history and star of many seafaring films including Treasure Island and Hornblower.


Earl of Pembroke 12

Bosun’s mate Frazer Norris has been with the ship for ten years having originally discovered her on the Internet. After a training course in Cornwall he joined the crew.

Earl of Pembroke 11

The quarter deck looking aft. Originally built in Sweden in 1945 to a design by Albert Svenson she was used to haul timber around the Baltic rigged as a schooner.

Earl of Pembroke 4


Looking forwards from the quarter deck. After being laid up in Denmark she was discovered in 1994 and her new life as a film star began.

Earl of Pembroke 5


Steep steps down to the main deck. Each tread has a foot stop to prevent slipping.

After a total overhaul she resembled HM Bark Endeavour, which Captain Cook first commanded in 1766 and subsequently made three voyages to the Pacific with before being killed by natives in 1779.

Earl of Pembroke 6


Down below there are crew areas fore and aft leaving the centre for visitors with a large recreational area ideal for filming. Hits also include Count of Monte Cristo and The Cloud Atlas

Earl of Pembroke 7


In this guest cabin the hull bolts are fully exposed.

Imagine the ship rolling in a sea and each time the side came up the bolts would be dripping wet with water running down to the bilges. Parts of Wuthering Heights and Moll Flanders were also filmed onboard.

Earl of Pembroke 8


Yet parts of the ship Captain Cook would not have recognised; such as the very modern heads and shower room.


Earl of Pembroke 8


At the stern is all the bits that make life so worthwhile, like freshwater and heating.

Earl of Pembroke 2


Back on deck the ship has proper ratlines and traditional rigging from bygone era.

Earl of Pembroke 3


The Earl of Pembroke is open to the public and stars in Alice in Wonderland due for release in 2016.

Earl of Pembroke 10

All I need is a tall ship and a star to steer her by..

John Masefield.

She is now privately owned and is used for charter work and day sails with a crew of between 8 and 14.

She can make 7 knots under power and has recorded speeds of up to 14 knots under sail when the wind and waves have been just right.






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