Southampton Boat Show 2018-Eco Friendly

ogo of Southampton Boat Show 2018

Southampton’s Boat Show opens Friday 14th September 2018 at Mayflower Park.


image of A turtle swims in clear ocean waters
A turtle swims in clear ocean waters


British Marine, organisers of Southampton Boat Show 2018, has announced a long-term commitment to marine conservation to mark World Oceans Day.

Celebrating their 50th Show this year, British Marine is taking steps to minimise the
environmental impact of the event and raise awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans
among its thousands of visitors and exhibitors.

Working with the Marine Conservation Society, the organisers have launched a dynamic three-year pledge which includes moving away from single use plastics, serving only sustainable fish, continuing to recycle waste wherever possible and encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour by visitors, exhibitors, staff and other stakeholders.

Greg Munford, British Marine President said;

“As an industry which lives for being on the seas, we see first-hand the effects humanity is having on our waters.

“It is important that this wonderful and unique resource which we rely on is protected.

“As Britain’s biggest festival of boating, attracting an international audience of over 106,000 visitors and 500 marine businesses the show provides an ideal platform to drive change and get sailing enthusiasts and boatbuilders alike to take notice.”


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