Superyacht Ibiza

image of motoryacht Ibiza harbour
motoryacht in Ibiza harbour


October 2019 and the sun shines down relentlessly on Mediterranean island of Ibiza where the summer’s party is still in full swing as we look at three of the yachts in port


Yacht Savannah
Yacht Savannah

The first to catch our eye as we entered Ibiza’s Old Town harbour was Savannah, a 274 ft (84 m) motoryacht built in Holland by Feadship’s Aalsmeer shipyard in 2015 and styled by CG Design, it has been showered with superyacht awards ever since.

This 2250 tonnes behemoth towers over the competition to dominate the skyline as we pass by.


Savannah's 41 ft beam
Savannah’s 41 ft beam incorporates its swimming pool and boarding ladder


If it is available for charter it comes with a 1,000,000 euro a week price tag, and this doesn’t include the crew’s wages (24) and fuel for her 170,000 litre fuel tanks.


Savannah's boarding ladder
Savannah’s boarding ladder


However Savannah does boast an eco-friendly hybrid propulsion system giving her a cruising speed of 14 knots at a range of 6,500 nm.

It is said her original price tag was in the region of 125 million euros.


Motoryacht Savannah Ibiza harbour October 2019


Moored nearby was sailing yacht Tiara. Measuring 178 ft (54m) she was built in 2004 by Alloy Yachts, the New Zealand boat builder who traded from 1985-2016, to a Dubois design.


image of Sailing yacht Tiara moored in Ibiza harbour
Sailing yacht Tiara moored in Ibiza harbour


She boasts a Bedouin tent and flamed mahogany construction and is available for charters for around 160,000 euros a week.


image of dancers of Tiara
Dancers on Tiara


image of Relaxing under the Bedouin Tent on Tiara
Relaxing under the Bedouin Tent on Tiara


image of Crew working on Tiara
Crew working on Tiara



image of crew working on Tiara
Something needs fixing



image of Dancing on Tiara
Dancing on Tiara


image of Tiara
Keeping a watchful eye


The third yacht we photographed was Kiss.


image of motoryacht Kiss
motoryacht Kiss


Launched in 2015 by Feadship she measures 150 ft (46m).

Her twin 1,450 HP Caterpillar diesels give her a maximum speed in the region of 16 knots, and her fuel tanks can hold up to 51,000 litres.


image of Kiss
Kiss moored stern to in Ibiza harbour


Ibiza harbour has craft of all shapes and sizes to see and a ride on the water bus doesn’t cost more than 5 euros for a pleasant trip around and about.


image of Ibiza water bus
Ibiza water bus


image of The swim platform was easy to get on and off
Swimming in Ibiza

Superyacht Ibiza

Of course, there are different ways to enjoy life and they don’t all involve spending vast amounts of money.

Near my hotel a number of African men walked around in the evenings trying to scratch a living selling trinkets to tourists.

One, near my own age had terrible shaking hands and a chum commented that he had Parkinsons’ Disease. In a country that doesn’t have an NHS as we know it, the thought that he might not be able to afford to buy the necessary medicines spurred me into action.

I pulled out the largest euro bank note I had on me and told him to keep the change. He started to cry and I wondered if his life been that devoid of simple kindness?

I felt totally humbled that my 20 euro note could mean so much to one person whereas to others it won’t have even paid for enough fuel to turn their engine over.

I hope I did some good.

Superyacht Ibiza

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