USA has home win at J24 World Championship 2019

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J24 World Championship 2019

Seattle based Furio decisively won the J24 Worlds 2019 championships on 26th October comfortably beating 2nd placed Clear Air at Miami USA.


image of J24s racing
J24s racing

Keith Whittemore’s Furio achieved a convincing result with 41 points well ahead of 2nd placed Canadian Rossi Milev’s Clear Air from Mississauga Ontario on 57, and third was Chris Stone’s Velocidad with 66 from Atlantic Highlands YC in New Jersey USA.

J24 World Championship 2019

The championships consisted of ten races in held in Biscayne Bay emerald seas under Florida’s warm autumn sunshine.

Whittemore’s highest place in a world championship previously was third so winning was obviously a great achievement for him and his crew of three.

He said;

“Being able to beat those guys feels really, really, really good! Today was scary. When we drove down, we said we really need to win the first race, so the second race isn’t a complete mess.”

Jaeger Women’s Trophy was awarded to Erica Spencer on Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team from Portland Maine who were placed 53 out of 79.

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J24 downwind

Seventy-nine teams from 19 nations (Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Grenada, Hungary, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States) completed 10 races from October 22-26.

Leading UK entries were David Cooper’s Wind Monkey from Yelverton, Devon placed 25th on 233.3 points, followed by Madeline at 30th and Chaotic at 52th both from Poole in Dorset.

It sounds like there was great racing afloat and fun ashore.

It is also interesting to note that winner Furio has a hull date of 2003 against 3rd placed Velocidad, which was built in 2011 and means competitors don’t have to buy a brand new boat every championship to be sure of a chance of a result.

J24 Worlds 2019-Miami

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Girl in swimsuit

Next year’s championships are being held closer to home. The J/24 World Championship 2020 are taking place between 10-18 September 2020 in Poole Harbour UK hosted by Parkstone YC.



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